Demo On WordPress Themes and Adding Content

Last night I presented at the WordPress Meetup in Scottsdale. I performed a demo of installing WordPress themes and adding content. After a fresh WordPress install, there is a guide at the top of the WordPress Dashboard that I used as an outline to walk through the process of theming and adding content.

Some of the topics discussed included:

  • Choosing a theme
  • Pros/Cons of theme frameworks
  • Theme-specific options vs WordPress-specific options
  • Widgets, Menus, Permalinks
  • Adding Posts and pages

There was a lot of great questions and discussion. The entire meetup was streamed live (and saved) via Google Hangouts on Air to Youtube and is available below. You can see two screens at the bottom of the video and it starts out showing the screen used for the demo, but about 8 minutes in the computer capturing the event had a hiccup and it reverted back to showing the person presenting instead of the screen for the rest of the event. It still works, as you can see most of the screen on the projector, but it’s not as clear as it was intended to be for the video.

The video is queued up to my portion starting at 1 hr 4 mins. The entire video of event is 2 hours.


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